The Orbiter is our year-round Belgian White ale with seasonally changing brewing spices.


ABV - 5%

Bitterness - 10 IBU

Hops - Aramis

Malt - Bohemian Pilsner Malt, Flaked Oats, Munich Malt,  Raw NC Triticale

Yeast - Mystery’s House Saison Yeast (Bellefontaine)







The Golden Hind is our year-round pale ale with seasonally changing hops.

ABV - 6.5%

Bitterness - 50 IBU

Hops - Varies: Cascade, Glacier, Azacca, El Dorado

Malt - Maris Otter, Riverbend Heritage

Yeast - London Ale III





Beatrix is a hoppy, floral saison with crisp bitterness and dry complexity.. An American Palate Award Silver Medalist.


ABV - 6.9%

Bitterness - 62 IBU

Hops - Summit, Aramis

Malt - Bohemian Pilsner, Raw NC Triticale, Demerera Sugar, White Peppercorns

Yeast - Mystery’s House Saison Yeast (Bellefontaine)


Available from March to September




Queen Anne’s Revenge is a darker version of an English-style IPA, showing off the soft bitterness of traditional English hops

balanced with the richness of roasted malt.


ABV - 5.8%

Bitterness - 30 IBU

Hops - Goldings, Bramling Cross

Malt - Maris Otter, Riverbend Heritage, Cara, Flaked Barley, Victory,  Carafa III

Yeast - Edinburgh Yeast


Available from April to October





Rosalind features apple, pear, and pineapple flavors from our yeast, harmonizing with the earthy and fruity characters of Goldings hops, to create a refreshing saison.


ABV - 6.5%

Bitterness - 40 IBU

Hops - Goldings

Malt - Bohemian Pilsner, Monastique, Raw NC Triticale, Caramel Munich, Brown Sugar

Yeast - Mystery’s House Saison Yeast (Bellefontaine)


Available from October to February





Six Impossible Things is a rich, buttery oatmeal stout with cocoa and coffee. Aged on cocoa nibs from Videri Chocolate Factory and made with a special blend of coffee from Joe Van Gogh.


ABV - 6.5%

Bitterness - 23 IBU

Hops - Summit

Malt - Maris Otter, Riverbend Heritage, Cara, Chocolate, Crystal 120, Crystal 45, Roasted Barley, Golden Naked Oats

Yeast - Edinburgh Yeast


Available from November to March


The following is a comprehensive list of every beer Mystery has ever released. 
See for those currently available:



20 Paces, Dry-Hopped Saison

A Peel for Clementcy, Clementine Rosemary Sour

Adamanthea, Adelaide Sparkling Ale

Admiration, Barrel-Fermented Belgian Rye Stout w/ Cherries

Alexandre, Brett Saison w/ Kefir Lime Leaves and Sage

All About that Base, Single Malt Ale

America, Extra Pale Ale

Apple of My Eye, Apple Pie Inspired Ale

Annabel, Black Saison

Back Row Kings, Rye India Pale Ale

Badlands, Black Rye India Pale Ale (Collab with Jack the Radio)

Barrett, Wine-Barrel Aged, Spiced Saison

Batch #1, Brett Golden Ale

Batch #500, English Barleywine

Baton Francais, Biere de Garde

Best Laid Schemes, Strong Ale w/Peaches and White Pepper

Birthday Cake, Golden Ale w/ Lemongrass, Vanilla, and Lactose

Brat'ya Baline, Russian Imperial Stout

Breezeway, Dry-Hopped Kettle Sour

Brewer's Session I - IX, Various Styles

Buchanan, Brown Ale with Squash and Spices

Carolina Burning, Charred Wood Ale

Casanova, Oyster Stout

Cascadian Tart, Dry-Hopped Berliner Weisse

Caswell, Historic North Carolina Beer

Cimmerian, Strong Ale

Chance of Rain, Modern Session IPA

Compleat Works, Barrel-Aged Sour Grand Cru

Cottontail, White Chocolate Ale

Cossette, Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Ale

Court of Sessions, Session Saison (Highland Collab)

Daisy Fay, Honey Hefeweissen

Darling, Clementine Saison

Darling Vishnya, Chocolate Cherry Stout

Dark & Stormy, Ginger Belgian Dubbel (Champion Collab)

Difference Engine, Hazy Strawberry IPA (Fullsteam Collab)

Domestic Goddess, Churro-Inspired Golden Ale (Pink Boots Collab/Amanda's Beer)

Don't Be Mean to People, NC-Grown Saison (Statewide Anti-HB2 Collab)

Dragon's Mouth, Habanero Belgian Pale Ale

Dromgoole, Ale made with Pie

Ekho's Bouquet, Foraged Saison

Eno Riviera, Foraged Saison

Eos, Brett Sour Beer with Blackberries

Eurydice, Belgian Quad with Molasses

Extra Special Brit, Extra Special Bitter (Collab with Antonia Matthews)

Evangeline, Rye Saison

Fantine, Belgian India Pale Ale

Faulkner, Brett Beer with Peaches

Field and Flower, Witbier (International Women's Day Collab)

Filigree, Brett Golden Ale

Flap Dragon, Belgian Dubbel with Plums (Kimi's Beer)

Fruits of our Labor, Pineapple Cilantro Saison (Craft Beer Guys Collab)

Gentlemen's Preference, Blonde Ale

Grace O'Malley, Imperial Red Ale (International Women's Day Collab)

Heart's Desire, Passionfruit New England India Pale Ale

Hooray for Ellerbe, Wildflower Ale

Hornigold, English India Pale Ale

Humboldt, German Extra Special Bitter

I Cannot Tell a Rye, India Pale Lager (Collab with Liberty Brewhouse)

Jack Thorne, London Porter

Karass, Lime and Basil Wit (Carl's Beer)

Keen, Salted Caramel Gose with Peaches (Lauren & Murray's Beer)

King of Ashton, Ale made with Rythm and Blues (Wiley Fosters Collab)

King's Table, Hvidtøl/Danish White Ale



La Querrelle, Seefbier (GABF Silver Medal!)

Lagniappe, Schwarzbier (Collab with La Place)

Langhorne, Rye Wit

Letter 23, Strawberry Lavender Saison

Litwos, Gratzer/Grodziskie

Locksley, Ordinary Bitter

Lockwood's Retreat, India Pale Ale

Lockwood's Revision, India Pale Ale with Blood Orange

Mark Twang, Sour Rye Wit

Melioxis, Barrel-Aged Sour Infused with Honey

Memorial Day 2012, Blended Saison (Haw River Farmhouse Ales Collab)

Mischief Maker, Chocolate Coconut Porter (Rik and Zoe's Beer)

Mother Vine, Barrel-Aged Sour with Muscadines

Mountain King, Barrel-Fermented Norwegian Saison

Mousqueton, Belgian Tripel with Black Pepper

Mythos, Mixed Fermentation Barrel Sour

Nanaline, Belgian Singel with Nasturtium and Jasmine

NC Gose West, NC-Grown Gose (NC Brewers Guild Collab)

Notre Dame du Mystere, Brett Beer w/ Black Limes & Green Peppercorns

Obelisk, Rye Quad with Pommelo

Olde West End, Extra Special Bitter

Orange County Collab, Belgian India Pale Ale (Collab with OC Brewers)

Orpheus, Belgian Dubbel

Papa Bois, Tropical Stout with Lemons & Lemongrass

Phileas Fogg, Saison with Chiles (Outer Light Collab)

Pickwick, Mild Ale

Point Break, Mango New England India Pale Ale

Point Break, Apricot New England India Pale Ale

Proof of Concept, Hoppy Sour

Rapunzel v1, Entrebier

Rapunzel v2, Octoberfest

Red Leader Standing By, Red Ale with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Cinnamon

Riverbend Select, Raw Brett Beer

Robot Pony, Belgian India Pale Ale (Ponysaurus/Gizmo Collab)

Roshanee, Chai Cream Ale

Sancho, Belgian Singel

Sawyer Session, Session IPA (Collab with Yep Roc Records)

Snuggle Nugget, Chai Milk Stout (Collab with Bryan Luukinen)

Sophocles, Brown Brett Beer

St. Stephen's Green , Dry Irish Stout

Tea. Earl Grey. Hops., English IPA with Earl Grey Tea

The Answer, Belgian Black Ale

The Girl Who Waited, Red Kolsch (Collab with Epiphany Malt)

The Lovely Heroine (Patrick and Tracy's Beer)

The White Queen Bids Farewell, Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Ale

Thornfield's End, Smoked Rye Stout

Three Rings, Hazelnut Tripel  (Scott's Beer)

Tiny Tim, Xmas Spiced Mild Ale

Tramp Abroad, Belgian New England India Pale Ale (Outer Lights Collab)

Triple Ginger Tripel, Triple Ginger Tripel (Glass Jug Collab)

Trouble Wit Tribbles, Triticale Witbier

Umbra, Black Mexican Lager with Black Limes

Waggledance, Honey Farmhouse Ale (Market Restaraunt Collab)

Wanderer Moon, Berliner  Weisse

Western Star, Hibiscus Lemongrass Berliner Weisse

Westoberfest, Oktoberfest Ale

White Tiger, White Pale Ale w/ Cardamom & White Pepper

Wisping Rune, Raspberry Berliner Weisse

YepRoc20, Session IPA (Collab with Yep Roc Records)

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