The Brewery


Dark Sour with Muscadine



Original Release Date: 2/22/2016

Format:  1/6 bbl keg

Availability: NC

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 5

SRM: 18

Bitterness Ratio: 5:48 (0.104)


Grist: Maris Otter, Riverbend Heritage, Brown Malt, Rye Malt, Flaked Oats, Caravienne


Hops:  UK Fuggle


Other:  Muscadine Grapes



Brewer's Notes: This beer is a riff on our first Mythos recipe - an experiment to see how the souring would stand up to a dark grist.  In our system in the brewery, it was originally referred to as Mythos #2.  The rye and the oats were added for body as well as an extra protein source for Brettanomyces.  As we suspected, the husk from brown malt leaves an unfortunately intrusive tannin bite in a low pH beer, so we really needed some extra aging time to let that drop out of solution.  Perfect for a beer going through primary fermentation in a barrel with Brettanomyces.


After a year in barrels, we added in 250 lbs of Muscadine grapes. They were crushed, but not quite slurry.  After emptying the barrels it was evident that the Brett had no problem chewing through the flesh, though it definitely had a hard time on the skins and, obviously, the seeds.


The end beer is dynamic, with a soft sour character leading over chocolate notes and finally a light grape jelly sweetness.  It is really worth trying and, in my recommendation, letting warm in the glass a bit.