The Brewery

Caswell Historic North Carolina Ale

Original Release Date: 4/1/2012

Availability: Draft, 1/6 bbl keg

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 30

SRM: 16

Bitterness Ratio: 30:60


Grist: Maris Otter, Riverbend Heritage, Flaked Rice, Flaked Corn, Raw Wheat, Cherry Smoked Malt


Hops:  Goldings


Other Additions: Blackstrap Molasses



Brewer's Notes: This beer was conceived while writing the book North Carolina Craft Beer and Breweries. The idea was to make a beer that was representative of beer the way it had been historically brewed in North Carolina. It's not an exact representative recipe, rather, an amalgam of recipes from several sources.


In most cases, recipes were inexact, they called for "handfuls" of hops, or sometimes "bushels" of hops - which is an exact measurement, but seemed far too much for the amount of beer being brewed.  Sources of sugar were wide and varied.  Barley was imported, but colonial brewers had access to local wheat, rice, and corn as well as molasses which was an important source of sugar in the colonial south.


All in all, we put everything together and came up with what we thought would be representative, but also recognizable to a modern audience. Hops were used only for bitter and dry-hopping. The flavor is unsurprisingly dominated by molasses, but it's also an incredibly dry beer with a bit of a hop-bite and a fascinating look into our brewing past.


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