The Brewery

Batch #500




Original Release Date: 12/24/2015

Format:  1/6 bbl keg

Availability: NC

ABV: 9.9%

IBU: 50

SRM: 14

Bitterness Ratio: 83:50 (0.602)


Grist: Golden Promise, Caramel 120


Hops:  Bramling Cross, Tahoma



Brewer's Notes: We made this beer to commemorate the 500th batch brewed on our brewhouse, which feels like both a bit of an arbitrary number and a huge milestone.  We kind of had to juggle the brew schedule to make sure that Batch #500 was this actual beer instead of just a batch of Rosalind that we really needed to get into tank, but there it is.


To make this Barleywine, we kind of hearkened back to old English mild recipes in which we were looking for a very simple recipe and just using a whole lot of it.  So the entire grist is made out of Simpsons Golden Promise and a bit of Briess C120, for a little bit of caramel richness.


We ran off a lot of wort and boiled it down to our 7 bbl goal, so we have a nice rich caramel-toffee rich beer, with a huge amount of alcohol, in a dry and deceptively drinkable beer.


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