The Brewery

Back Row Kings Rye IPA

Original Release Date: 12/16/2016

Availability: Draft, Pub Only

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 80

SRM: 10

Bitterness Ratio: 80:65


Grist: Maris Otter, Riverbend Heritage, Munich Malt, Rye Malt, Victory Malt


Hops:  Summit, Jarrylo, Azacca, El Dorado


Other Additions: None



Brewer's Notes: This was our second full scale batch with the new wild Saccharomyces strain that we’ve been working with that we’ve nicknamed Lucie.


Since we noticed that the strain tends to dry the beer out so much, and really heighten hop and spice notes, that it would work really well in an IPA.  We had a bunch of rye left over from our summer rye beers, as well as our summer contract hops and I thought it might be the perfect marriage.


It turned out really great!  Great dry malt body with a huge dose of rye spiciness.  While the yeast tends to try the beer out and thin the body, the rye and the hops keep the body up.  The hops are nice and fruity, but blend really well into that rye to make for a really great big cold weather IPA.


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