The Brewery


Ridiculously Patriotic Pale Ale



Original Release Date: 7/1/2016

Format:  1/6 bbl keg, 16 oz can

Availability: NC

ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 40

SRM: 2

Bitterness Ratio: 40:53 (0.754)


Grist: Pale 2-Row, Riverbend Heritage


Hops:  Columbus, Tahoma


Other Additions: Freedom, Liberty, Hell Yeah



Brewer's Notes: I made this beer because in response to Budweiser's 2016 Summer name change to America.


As it turns out, when I looked up their label in the NC ABC system it wasn't listed, so I took the liberty (see what I did there?) to register a label, myself.


There was a nice article about it in the News and Observer.


The beer is really pretty delicious. I went with the lightest malt I had on hand and brewed for fermentability with a bit of citrusy hops (like Budweiser, but with flavor).


In order to do it right, we only released this in cans just before July 4th.  Maybe we'll make more.  Maybe we won't.  No matter what, you can make all you want because you have that FREEDOM.

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