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Single Malt Golden Ale



Original Release Date: 4/22/2016

Format:  1/6 bbl keg

Availability: NC

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 20

SRM: 3

Bitterness Ratio: 10:59 (0.169)


Grist: Epiphany Two-Row Malt (Batch #1)


Hops:  Tradition



Brewer's Notes: Simply put, we made this batch to get a good taste of what the malt from Epiphany Craft Malt was like.


It was partially a trial for them, as well.  This malt was literally the first 500 lbs off of the system, so we got to find out what conversion efficiency was like, how fermentable the malt was, and what the color was like on the first run of the system.


All in all, it was a nice success.  Nice juicy plump kernels led to a great, light, crisp beer.  Get it while you can to get a crisp, clean, 100% Durham-malted beer.